Alright guys it’s that time once again, Friday blog update! So much has happened this week, we could hardly wait till Friday to post, I even became sorta of famous(more details to follow). In the midst of a productive, yet tiring week I feel truly blessed to be able apart of Ball Office Products. Also, being able to interact with some of you, the customer, has truly been a privilege. If I have not gotten a chance to talk to you, just send a shout out on Twitter or Facebook. I would love to talk to you and possibly help you with anything that your office would need!

Now to our week expressed in pictures.

Remember how I said I became “sorta famous”? I was referencing to my opportunity to meet Governor McDonnell in person. I was there for his signing of HB585 (Merricks)/SB344 (McDougle) Small Business Investment Grant Fund!

Front steps and ramp way are finished, now just need the door.

Melissa practicing some electrical work, all in a days job. George, we did this to scare you a bit.

Why yes we do have a room dedicated to cookie making… be jealous, very jealous.

This concludes this week’s update. Thanks so much guys for reading. Also, my offer still stands if you would like a free Keurig coffee demonstration for your office just contact me.