Boxing, and packing, and storing oh my! This week has been an intensive packing week. With each packed box we get a step closer to our Emerald City. As you can tell, today is a Wizard of Oz reference kind of day. While the week started off with tornado warnings in the area we hope everybody stayed safe.

We are holding some awesome contests and promotions over the summer so make sure to check your e-mails and like our Facebook page! Some of the specials we are offering is the; buy four boxes of “brew over ice” K-cups get a free tumbler. Also, we are running a photo contest where the next two people who e-mail or post a picture of themselves enjoying a hot cup of Green Mountain coffee will receive a free tray of Otis Spunkmeyer Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake.

We had a visitor this week, where Weasel got a chance to stop by. After some hard work put in, he was glad to take a nap and call it a day. Speaking of lounging out, this is the weekend of Independence Day. Everyone here at Ball Office Products would like to wish you a happy and safe holiday. We are already enjoying the red, white, and blue cookies here in the office!

Now for our week in pictures…

Kitchen has color and cabinets.

Pauline, Sarah, and Tracey enjoying the future to be cookie kitchen.

Before showroom:

After colorized showroom:

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