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Sitting for long periods of time at an office is inevitable.    In fact,    an average of 77% of our time at work is   sedentary.    A sedentary lifestyle can be defined as a type of lifestyle with no or irregular physical activity.    The reason why 77% is an extremely alarming number is because sitting for long periods of time has shown to create higher risks in heart disease and obesity.

The Zenergy chair from Safco Products looks to solve this problem by changing the sitting experience.    Zenergy allows you to fill your work space with vibrant energy that also brings a sense of calmness, to create a space in perfect harmony with its surroundings.    So you may be wondering,    ”how exactly does the Zenergy chair benefit me?”    Some of the top features of the chair are the following;


  • The rubber ball design improves posture when sitting
  • The choice of color gives you the freedom to get creative
  • It reduces stress caused by lack of movement

Due to the chair’s increasing popularity, Zenergy was recently named “Best In Show” at the 2013 SBRichards National Conference.    Check out the video below to see the chair in action.

Curious in seeing the chair for yourself?    Schedule a demo by calling us at   804-204-1774 or email us at [email protected]