The ability to create an unforgettable space is now at your fingertips. Feek coated foam modules expand the possibilities, bringing any space to life and giving you the power to be creative without jeopardizing comfort.


Feek was founded in 2003 in the Netherlands, and after being used for over a decade in Europe it has now been introduced to the American marketplace. With its water-based top coat and moisture resistance, it is has proven durability. For settings ranging from corporate offices to schools and even your own home – Feek is perfect for any environment.

Feek comes in all many shapes and sizes to fit your every need! Check out all the different shapes and colors that are offered in our catalog.


With no sharp or hard ledges, and its moisture resistance, Feek could not be any more kid friendly. The mini Feek is also scaled perfectly for children. Now that has to give you some peace of mind!



The relatively lightness makes it easy to arrange and re-arrange as you please! Even more of a reason to let your creativity go wild!


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