Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 2.27.03 PMIf you’re like most businesses, you no doubt deal with a good bit of paperwork. There are bills, invoices, work orders, and bills. More and more offices are striving to become “paper-free.” You know – save a tree. But bills, invoices, work orders, and bills still make that a nearly impossible task. And much of the information contained in this paperwork is pretty important, and perhaps contains sensitive information about your business. So how do you store and protect this information?

HON makes a handy little filing cabinet called the Embark. It has wheels on it, so you can move it about, and the counterweight is made from 100% recycled materials. Now you won’t have to feel so bad about the trees you killed to create the paper you’re storing. It also has a handy little lock, and this lock can be easily swapped out. So, should you lose an employee under less than ideal circumstances, your missile launch codes will remain safe.

We work a good bit with Trendway, and they have a huge line of shelves and storage cabinets. They also come with a variety of safety and locking features.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 2.27.36 PMAnother option is to just shred it. Everyone has seen a movie or television program where the hero painstakingly tapes a shredded document back together to reveal the identity of the killer, but that’s not reality. Should you actually be storing missile launch codes, you may have some concern. Most of your documents are probably too mundane to warrant such a tape-up job. Most nefarious types likely last the patience or fortitude to take on the task.

We sell staplers. One of the most popular is the classic Swingline. Swingline also has a robust line of commercial shredders. One of our favorites is the Stack and Shred. You can load this baby with 300 sheets and just press play. It will turn you documents, staples, and paper clips into mulch while you work. It will even shred credit cards and DVD’s with ease. Best of all, you can lock the paper tray with a 4-digit PIN number. That way your information will be safe while you’re waiting to fill the tray.

So think about how and where you store that pile of important paperwork. It may not be launch codes, but it’s important to you.