When we meet people out and about they inevitably ask, “So, what do you do?” We smile and proudly tell them, “We’re Ball Office Products.” The response to that can vary wildly from person to person.

“Oh, you mean like desks and chairs?” Yes, we carry those.

“So you sell pencils and paper?” Yes, we carry those also.

Many people, however, are amazed at the scope of what we carry.

Office furniture is certainly a huge part of our inventory. But we’re not content to offer amazing products from fantastic manufacturers like Trendway. We  help our customers pick just the right collection to meet their needs. We help them furnish offices, meeting spaces, reception areas, and break rooms. Our team gladly supplies 2D or 3D design planning, with no obligation, so that you’ll see what your finished workspace will look like. Our drivers will deliver your furniture, set it up, and leave you delicious cookies.

Sure, we also sell pens and pencils and paper. But we also sell everything else that you could possible need to run an office or business. Would you like custom printed items with your logo, for either staff members or to leave with clients? We can provide those. Finding yourself routinely running out of things? We can help you to manage your inventory. We have cleaning supplies and janitorial equipment and small electronics and more. We recently shared photos of some toys that came through the warehouse. One of the groups that we enjoy working with is the Department of Juvenile Justice. We send them these things for use in rehabilitation sessions for youngsters. IMG_0256

Interested in some office snacks? In addition to coffee and beverage programs, we supply people with snacks from such names as Nabisco and Snyder’s. We recently started carrying what we consider our new favorite BEST SNACK EVER. Tastes like a Graham Cracker – shaped like a Pretzel. They’re Hansel’s Gretzels, and they’re to die for.





Desks and chairs? Sure. Over 200 furniture lines from the world’s best manufacturers. Pencils and paper? Over 32,000 different items. But we provide solutions. Our team at Ball Office Products have helped people start their business with the right look and right supplies, helped them grow, and helped them relocate. We don’t just sell the products – we help you put them to productive use. Be it a school, an established business, a government office, or a rehabilitation program – we want to be your partner.