Our home base in Richmond, Virginia hosts two amazing NASCAR events each year. We’re the home to an internationally recognized Folk Festival. Even Washington’s NFL franchise uses our city for training camp.

In a couple of weeks, the City of Richmond will host one of the largest events of the last century: The UCI Road World Championships. This is an international bicycling event, with 12 races for men and women over a period of nine days. They will run from September 19th through the 27th. An estimated 450,000 people are expected to descend on Richmond to watch the riders pedal around town. They’ve issued credentials to over 500 media outlets, and around 300 million will watch from home. There are many in the biking community who consider the UCI Championships to be a bigger deal than the Tour de France.

This is a blessing and a curse for those of us in the business community. It’s great that so many will visit Richmond and see what a great place it is to live, work, and play. The races will lead riders through the streets of our Capitol City, and that will lead to a number of road closures.

RaceCourseWTVR posted a great schedule that also lists the roads affected by the race and which days you need to avoid them. The UCI website also has a handy guide for how to navigate the races. They also issued a pdf with important travel information and race schedules.

What does this mean for you?

Richmond is going to be full of folks who aren’t familiar with our city. Street closures and clear routes from one side of town to the other will make everyday navigation interesting. If you’re a Ball Office customer, this could impact you. Our ability to physically get to you will be compromised. Please understand that we will make every effort to get you your products in a timely fashion. It may be a good idea to stock up in the next week or so. We’ll continue to be open, and are thinking of imaginative solutions to getting you what you need. Perhaps we’ll get in the spirit of the races and deliver on bicycles!

Please call us at 804-204-1774 and let us know how we can assist you.