For decades (and perhaps longer), mankind has known that a bit of physical activity is good for you. A couple of years ago, and in a growing movement, researchers began pointing to the ill effects of spending too much time on one’s behind. They looked at rates of disease and spinal health and whatnot.

Newspapers and magazines, no doubt in an effort to inform the public, loudly announced that “Sitting is Killing You!” Reputable publications, including TIME Magazine, proclaimed that “sitting is the new smoking.”

Wait just a minute.

Science indeed found that sitting too much leads to obesity, heart disease, and maybe even a shorter lifespan. But that was all sitting – at work, watching television, eating, driving, etc. Suddenly everyone was in the market for a standing desk. But simply buying a new desk and lurching to your feet missed the broader mark.


A century ago, we routinely stood at work. As a result, we had problems with our feet, constant backaches, bad joints, and a workforce of varicose veins. In a mad rush of innovation, we designed plush office chairs, ergonomic wonders of sitting, and somewhere along the way decided that a large blow-up ball meant for yoga was equally at home under our rear end and in front of our keyboard.

Sure, standing instead of sitting burns a few more calories, but not as much as taking the stairs. Standing and burning calories may help fight obesity-related illnesses, but not as much as putting down that extra donut. It’s the actual moving around that does the trick.

And when will this debate end? There’s a company that has designed a chair that will allow you to convert from sitting to standing to lying down with the push of a lever.

That’s right. Lying down.

As study after study details the benefits of a good night’s sleep and proper rest, another company created a convertible desk that features a hidden compartment with a mattress for a mid-day slumber. We won’t allow that here at Ball Office Products.

Hat_LumaLongR-lgOur suggestion is to take a look at our partner Trendway. They offer a line of adjustable tables. Want to sit? Sit. Need to stretch a bit? Raise the desk up and stand. No napping, and you can’t lie down unless you empty your inbox.

In the meantime, move around a bit. Eat a salad. Do something other than watch television. And leave your desk alone.