When people discover us for the first time, they generally look at our name, Ball Office Products, and think pens and paper. We certainly have that covered.

We call this one "Indiana Ball and the Lost Temple of Copy Paper."

We call this one “Indiana Ball and the Lost Temple of Copy Paper.”

But we offer so much more. We’ve sent desks and chairs to a school in Africa. We’ve helped scores of clients design better, more effective offices. We’ve delivered toys and art supplies to children in programs throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

We wrote last week about a great Keurig deal. We can build that into a complete beverage program for your business. Need snacks for your break room? We can do that. Cleaning supplies? No problem. Something funky for your office kids? How about a clever chair?


Just after Thanksgiving, we got a call from a client who had been put in charge of decorating her office for the holidays. She was pressed for time and didn’t know where to start. We got her a tree, a tree skirt, delivered it, and set it up with all of the decorations and trimmings. Because that’s what we do.


Anything for your office needs? Anything.