IMG_9617What’s the first thing you do in the morning? If you’re like us, it’s probably shuffle over the the coffee maker. Likewise, in our office, the first one in starts up a pot of joe. We keep it flowing pretty freely around Ball Office Products.

If you’re a coffee lover, we’ve got great news. First off, check out that little picture in the upper left corner. That’s right, Green Mountain Coffee for your Keurig. And one of them is “Donut Shop.” Also, that little white thing is not your creamer. That’s the personal size pod for single brews. Those other two are for the Keurig Bolt. It’s the same convenience and reliability of your little machine, but makes an entire pot!

You don’t have to drink it all at once, but it helps.

We’re proud to offer a full line of Keurig machines to suit any sized office. Do you like the familiar single-serve machine? Pop in a pod and add water? We have you covered. Do you have a larger office and need the Bolt? We can get that for you. Do you want the convenience of just popping in a pod and pressing Start? We can get you a Keurig machine that plugs directly into your plumbing.

Just to make things easier, Keurig is running a great deal for the Holidays. Give your office a great gift this year with one of these little beauties. Give us a call and we’ll get you brewing.

Keurig Flyer 2015