Each year we come out with a brand new crop of amazing online catalogs. You can choose from tens of thousands of items, and we can deliver them straight to you. There’s nothing that you may need in your office that we can’t provide. Paper supplies, printers, pencils and pens? We have them. Cleaning supplies, organizers, file safes and snack room treats? In the catalogs. Desks, chairs, lamps, and reception area solutions? Got it. Last year we provided one of clients with a decorated Christmas tree.

We can do that.

We also have a hard copy of our catalog that we’ll gladly send out to you. You can freely browse to your heart’s content and discover all of the things you need for your office but didn’t realize. This catalog usually has a tasteful and artful cover. Last year, it celebrated our 15th Anniversary.

This year, the cover is all you. It’s blank, and can act as a dry-erase board. Use it to jot down notes. Keep a running shopping list and never find yourself short of anything. Draw pictures of cats. It’s up to you.

We’re anxious to see what you do with YOUR catalog. Grab your dry-erase marker and start doodling. When you like what you’ve done, share it on our Facebook page. There might be a little something in it for you. 🙂