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Ball Office: Local Flavor, International Reach

You may recall our post last week about our home in Richmond, Virginia. We love it here. We’re from the area, and Ball Office has called it home base for 15 years now. You’d like it, too.

We also consider ourselves an integral part of our community. We went to great lengths to get certifications as a Small Women and Minority Owned Business and from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. Melissa Ball, our owner, has long been a partner and member of the Richmond Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners. We’re also active with a number of philanthropic organizations and non-profits. It’s what we do.

But we don’t limit ourselves to Central Virginia. We’ve done work with the U.S. Military, and they’ve moved our products almost everywhere we have troops, both in the United States and overseas. It takes a mountain of paperwork to move an army, and that means desks, chairs, staples, and even cleaning supplies.

We help supply the Federal Government with supplies, furniture and equipment. They use it to outfit their offices across the country.

If you follow us on social media, you may have seen the photo below. It is one of several pallets that are currently on their way to Havana, Cuba. It’s cleaning supplies and staples for what will become our newest United States Embassy overseas.











We also work with NGOs and foreign government to help them meet their needs. We recently sent enough chairs (very similar to the ones below) to outfit a new elementary school in Ghana.



Again, you would like it here in Richmond. We’d love for you to come by some time. But really, it doesn’t matter where you are. We can come to you.

A very unique supply: US Navy binder

Your 3rd grader needs a 3-ring binder, no problem…dime a dozen, right? Your company is presenting at a tradeshow and requires a custom binder with company logo, double pocket interior and fancy velcro closure…doable, no problem. You need to purchase binders with VERY unique specifications for 300,000+ active duty Navy Personnel (aka Binder,Visible Record)…where do you place your order? Well, we’re pleased to let you know, we can help! Call us for information regarding orders for: NSN 1HM 7460-01-575-4488 X3

Interesting Facts about the US Navy as of May 2014:

Navy Personnel
Active Duty: 324,179
Officers Officers: 53,240
Enlisted Enlisted: 266,530
Midshipmen Midshipmen: 4,409
Ready Reserve: 108,779 [As of Mar 2014 ]
Selected Reserves Selected Reserves: 60,878
Individual Ready Reserve Individual Ready Reserve: 47,901
Reserves currently mobilized: 3,805 [As of 1 Apr 2014]

Navy Department Civilian Employees: 201,000

Ships and Submarines
Deployable Battle Force Ships: 289
Total Ships Deployed/Underway Ships Deployed: 97 (33%)
Ships Underway for Local Ops / Training (USFF / 3rd Fleet) Ships Underway for Local Ops / Training (USFF / 3rd Fleet): 49 (16%)

Ships Underway
Underway Aircraft Carriers:
USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) – Pacific
USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) – 5th Fleet
Underway Amphibious Assault Ships:
USS Peleliu (LHA 5) – Pacific
USS Bataan (LHD 5) – 5th Fleet
USS Makin Island (LHD 8) – Pacific

Aircraft (operational): 3700+

US Navy binder
Binder,Visible Record
NSN 1HM 7460-01-575-4488 X3
7460-01-575-4488 x3
Ship and Submarine binder