Our Keurig customers may now select any of more than 200 varieties of branded specialty coffee, tea and hot cocoa: there are light, medium, dark roasted and Extra Bold regular and decaf varieties, as well as delicious choices of flavored coffee such as Hazelnut, Swiss Chocolate Almond, Irish Cream and French Vanilla, and a variety of black teas, herbal teas, decaf teas and green tea.

Keurig controls every element of the brew process to ensure consistency in every cup; the roast; the grind; the pressure; the freshness; the brew time; the clean-up

Since K-Cup portion packs are nitrogen flushed, they have a just-roasted shelf life of more than six months

With the Keurig brewer, many coffees and teas are offered, all stored in the one easy-to-use-dispensing unit. Hot water option for hot chocolate and soup; may be drawn during brew cycle.

No Waste
As much as 35% of all coffee brewed in drip brewers is discarded due to burning or staling. Since Keurig brews only a cup at a time, no burned coffee must be discarded from drip pots. Moreover, even with air-pots, after two hours, coffee begins to cool down, and taste is noticeably affected. All coffee left in air-pots at the end of the day goes down the drain. With Keurig, consumers brew only what they drink, so there is no waste, ever.

There is nothing to open, nothing to mix, nothing to change, nothing to clean up. The Keurig System is the easiest way to make a guaranteed high quality cup of coffee in the industry. Consumers simply select a coffee, open the brewer, insert the sealed K-Cup, close the drawer and press a button. In under a minute, a fresh cup of specialty coffee or tea is ready.
Brewing Excellence…One Cup At A Time

No Clean up
With drip brewers, the brewer needs to be cleaned regularly and glass pots need to be cleaned after each pot. With the Keurig brewer, there are no pots to prepare or clean and no filter papers to change, or grinds to eliminate.

Improved Productivity
Many workers leave the office in search of a fresh cup of coffee. That means lost productivity. If a worker making $10.00/hour ($14.00 with fringes) leaves for 15 minutes each day to get coffee, that cost is $17.50 per week. If the office does 30 cups of coffee per day at a price of $.08 cents per cup, that increases the real coffee cost dramatically…about $.12/per cup! With the Keurig System that lost productivity is eliminated.