“What do you mean we’re out?”

The words a purchasing manager least likes to hear. Paper clips, pens, pencils and pads are about as mundane as you can get – but try conducting your business without them. To Ball Office Products, it’s the small stuff that matters most. We have over 32,000 items in our catalog available for next day delivery with no minimum order. Our employees average 22 years of industry experience and our courteous customer service department is ready to handle your inquiry promptly and efficiently. We offer desktop delivery, inventory services, usage reports, departmental billing and many other services to help keep your costs down. It is in our best interest to find ways to lower your costs to help your organization prosper, and in order to maintain a long-term relationship with you.

At Ball, we don’t just take orders – we build relationships.

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Genuine Joe

One of our favorite partners, Genuine Joe, knows what’s important when it comes to breakroom and cleaning supplies for the office. Just look at what can happen when you don’t have the right supplies!

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